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Hi! I’m Peta

I’m a mother, wife, possibilitarian (I believe anything is possible) and late blooming Self taught mixed media artist. My passion is to inspire, uplift, heal and invoke joy through my Art pieces. Each piece has been lovingly created as the words are what I’ve needed to hear or remind myself over my journey and I hope they also resonate with something deeper in you. I’m deeply passionate about creating inspirational Art, finding little treasures, like unique beautiful clothes, Books, jewellery and homewares that spark a sense of joy. I believe if we wear our joy, create with joy and even decorate our spaces with joy, we connect a little deeper to our true selves.


Bloom where you are planted (find gratitude in the present moment, there is always some thing to be grateful for)


The only point is to flourish and to aid in the flourishing of others.


Do what makes your soul shine the brightest so

Lay this board along the center of your table!

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